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Management Profiles

Anthony C. Roman, the company’s founder and CEO, has 36 years of insurance, criminal, corporate and fraud investigation experience, and has trained many insurance companies and corporate fraud departments in his areas of expertise. He has testified as an expert in countless cases.

Mr. Roman is an FAA licensed commercial pilot, former corporate pilot, and former flight instructor.

In a more official capacity, he has also served his community as a Human Rights Commissioner. A recognized and respected expert in his field, Mr. Roman has written numerous articles and columns on the topics of investigations and security risk analysis and management.

...accomplished backgrounds in insirance, corporate litigation, and military intelligence

Executive Management Team

While security concerns prevent us from identifying specific investigators and supervisors, our senior managers are former practicing attorneys trained as private investigators, and with accomplished backgrounds in insurance, corporate litigation, and military intelligence.

Operations Management Team

Former United States Justice Department Special Agents comprise segments of the senior level operations management group.Their diverse training as private investigators includes: management; corporate, legal and insurance investigations; and corporate security risk analysis and assessment. Naturally, they are knowledgeable about the process and regulations of federal criminal investigations.

Published, former Investigative Journalists round out our management group. They provide unique management and technical perspectives. The management group also has former insurance company executives with a hands-on working knowledge of: multi-line claims investigation; the civil liability and adverse insurance premium impact of failed corporate due diligence; and subpar security risk management, including premises, asset protection, and computer security.

Trial Preparation Team

This unit includes paralegal, extensively trained claim investigators, and managers. They are specifically trained to provide full concierge service beginning with a complete file review, resulting in detailed recommendations in regard to needed investigation, locating witnesses, securing records, serving subpoenas, securing expert witnesses, providing witness escort and foreign language translation and trial monitoring.


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